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If you are looking to improve the dynamics in your relationship…or develop healthy communication (both in and out of the bedroom), you’re in the right place! It’s about starting exactly where you are now…and moving to where you want to be…in the quickest manner possible!

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Hi, I'm Karen!

A Relationship Coach, certified in both Life and Integrative Wellness.  My passion is helping women and/or men in relationships.  

Helping women identify what their most desired relationship looks like… Honest Intimacy has designed a variety of proven step-by-step programs that shift women into the relationship they really want.   Whether it’s helping women transform from an unsatisfying relationship into ultimate happiness (even in the bedroom), or helping men understand why their partner isn’t interested/enjoying the bedroom portion of the relationship, Honest Intimacy has the perfect approach!   

Women- if you are currently in (or have been in) unhealthy relationships, this program is for you!  It’s time to become fully authentic in the midst of your relationship!  Having healthy boundaries/communication and a voice will create the love and respect you’re looking for!   Finally, you’ll have the relationship you desire and deserve, and you’ll grow closer because of it.   

Men- If you feel your partner isn’t interested, is complacent… or rarely ‘in the mood’, the Men’s program will get you back on track!  If you TRULY wish to know how to get more sex, and are willing to roll up your sleeves and do the work, you’ll love the bottom line approach Honest Intimacy offers in the “For Men Only” program.  (Please note, this is not a sex position course… we will be diving deep in to the relationship to realize and shift the relationship dynamics). 

An energetic public speaker and relationship coach with over 30 years of experience in the journey of a healthier way of thinking, being, communicating and mindset.  Helping both men and women transform from an unsatisfying relationship into ultimate happiness! 

Honest Intimacy Offers:


Most effective for customized plan. Personalized individual coaching via internet video calls


We offer a no-cost initial
consultation to identify the
core issues and desired 

Group Coaching

Recurring small group
via internet video with
advice, direction, and
open forum/discussion.

Public Speaking

Contact Karen directly
for times, venue, etc.
if you’d like to have
Karen guest speak at your
No times available that match your schedule or time zone? Click here and we’ll make it happen.


Karen has been my life coach for going on 10 years! She helps me stay grounded and opens my mind to new possibilities in my life. When I struggle with confidently moving towards a goal she provides positive and fulfilling suggestions to help me see my vision more clearly. I am very thankful for her experience in life and vulnerable approach to managing ones self individuality.


After my initial conversation, I immediately felt that Karen “got me”. She understood exactly where I was in my life. She was able to pinpoint exactly where I needed to grow (given the stories of my past relationships), and how to get me to where.. and WHO I wanted to be. With her guidance, I am thrilled to say that I now am a confident, independent woman that has so much more self-esteem and ability to literally speak my truth and feel I am deserving of being ‘wholly’ me.


I can't even begin to describe how my life has changed since Karen started giving me advice on how to be my own "True Self." How wonderful to be free and know that life is so very good. She has helped change the course of my life.

Janis P.

"I gained so much confidence in my ability to connect and deepen my relationships with people. It’s amazing how much easier it has been to meet new people and create instant connections. I have the exact same personality, the only thing that has changed is my mindset and a few behaviors."


I truly had no idea what a healthy relationship looked like or healthy boundaries either. I guess I never paid attention or really felt like I knew there was such a thing. I felt selfish if I didn’t do what ‘he’ wanted to do... and was raised to always be a giver, and that led me to actually being with a taker. It took a while for me to understand I do have a right to speak up and that boundaries protect me from hurt or giving too much (resentful). Karen helped me to work through my own self esteem issues and my feeling of ‘not deserving’ of a great relationship. I am so much more confident now and was surprised after making the changes in our program, how much more my partner respects me and treats me better than I imagined. I am a believer!

Erin P.

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