Karen_StevensonLet’s face it.  Women need other women’s opinions as a sounding board, to obtain advice, seek feedback, and keep balanced.  Women simply don’t talk about their deepest feelings with their spouse or significant other the way they wish they could.  Enter your virtual hairdresser.  Hair Chair Confessions by Karen Stevenson, PHD, (Professional Hair Dresser) is a safe haven for women.

We struggle with raising young children in a world where ‘anything goes’,  being an empty nester, our aging parents, not enough money for retirement, over worked, under paid, a husband or boyfriend that doesn’t offer the emotional support we deeply desire.  What do other women say about sex or their sexual relationship?  What are the best hairstyles for our face?  How do we survive a relationship after an extramarital affair?  How do we forgive our father for being sexually inappropriate with us when we were young?  What color clothes make me look my best?  Is there a way to resolve anger?  How do we get past the demands of the day and still reserve a moment for ourselves?

Life issues are discussed with your hairdresser, and believe it or not, we offer excellent advice!  No subject is left unturned. Hairdressers  find themselves in a situation where we ‘must talk’ to our clients.  Some subjects are more than just how to look good, the weather,  and what’s the most recent best book.  Certainly, we can explain what hair color would look best with your complexion and eyes, we can tell you which hairstyle works best for your face as well as your lifestyle.  We can even tell you what color clothes to wear closest to your face to make the best first impression.  Time evolves, and we get deeper into discussion, slowly over time, each snip of hair, each application of foil for luxurious highlights, we learn of each other’s personal lives.  Not just “what you do in the office”, but the challenges with people within the workplace, the competition with the boss in the office next door, or maybe even of each other’s sorrows and joys.  We share tears of healing and hurts.  We exchange experiences from our childhood, daily life, our hopes, dreams, and desires.  We vent frustrations, bounce around challenges, try to make sense of situations an circumstances, and help solve them,  and the worries today’s the world.

We are sad when your friend passes away, excited when you get engaged, shocked when you break the news your husband left you, know the best lawyers in town, and can refer you to the best restaurants.

We don’t know it “ALL” but we sure do know a LOT.  The need for women to express themselves emotionally, spiritually and verbally is huge.   Your PHD is just the answer.  Confidential, always caring about your best interest, we are here to serve you, and make your experience beautiful as you leave!

Karen Stevenson,  a salon owner,  hairdresser, and national platform artist for multiple manufacturers in the the world of hair.  Over 20 plus years in the hair industry, and much personal counseling herself for many of life’s issues, Karen’s friends as well as clients have mentioned they owe her double, a fee for hair, another fee for counseling advice!  You won’t be disappointed.  Straight forward, honest advice, balanced out with stories from the masses, Karen Stevenson is your PHD (Professional Hair Dresser) with a few thoughts of her own!

Go ahead, vent, cry, whine, brag, and share your deepest thoughts.  It’s about YOU!