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Karen Stevenson, Life / Relationship Coach. Author and Public Speaker, on matters of the heart. With over 25 years as a hairdresser, Coaching was a constant. Salon guests would often ask "How much do I owe you for your coaching?" Everyone talks to their hairdresser! Whether it be about life, relationships, love life, hurts, feelings, challenges, sex life, ups & downs. Hairdressers are PHD's (Professional Hair Dressers) with ability to listen, and give advice. After gathering MUCH information, it is no wonder author Karen Stevenson is able to share opinions, thoughts, insight, beliefs and perspective to others! An entrepreneur, Certified Life/Wellness and relationship coach-Coaching women in, or recovering from unhealthy and/or toxic relationships. Karen's mission is to help women with Self Care, Self Esteem, and realizing why they are not feeling fulfilled with their sex life, nor often times not getting their emotional needs met in the bedroom. Writer, Author, Public Speaker, Prior International artist for International Hair Manufacturers, and PHD(Professional Hair Dresser) offering encouraging messages, speaking from the heart, and life changing advice/opinions regarding her perspective in life, love, sex, and relationships! Contact Karen to schedule a complimentary call and find out how she can help you get the life you TRULY want!

Why Do Doctor’s Not Know?

I felt miserable.  I was either overstressed, overwhelmed, felt pushed or pressure.  I felt like I was losing my mind.  Scents and smells became overwhelming. If I was driving,  I  would think I was going…

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It Began with a Flu Shot.

November, 2003.  The spontaneous decision to turn into the nearby clinic to grab a flu shot was mindless .  After all, I had gotten a flu shot many times before.  Isn’t that what all americans…

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Contemplating A New Direction

We shampoo and massage your head, brush your hair, and in that relaxation, you fall into the spell of opening up to us with your thoughts, challenges, and random concerns about life. Hairdressers hear it…

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