Body Language Speaks Volumes!

Body LanguageEver watch an impatient person in line at the grocery store?  How about the overly obnoxious person at the restaurant? Or, the aggression of an angry parent talking abusively to their child at Walmart?

Whatever the case, being the recipient of negative body language feels terrible.  Talking to someone as they roll their eyes, mocking by shaking their head as if to demean, or chuckle as if you are stupid…just to name a few.

The subconscious message feels horrible.   Inevitable inner dialogue either wants to smack the person so rudely ignorant, or mock them in retaliation for being so cruel.  You may wonder how intentional their gestures are, or consider how sad it is, that they are so insecure that they feel they must come across bullish in order to feel better about themselves.  

Poor or negative body language could potentially get a person hired or fired, accepted or rejected, it can chase away a person that wanted to be close, or cause a person to be increasingly resistant just to prove a point.

Whether you are the giver or the receiver of negative body language, nothing good comes from it.  Consider for a few minutes the basics.  Folding arms meaning closed to what someone has to say, wringing of hands or cracking knuckles indicating impatience or desire to control, shaking the head negatively, smirking.  What about curling your lip or a facial expression as if something smells bad?  Leaning in to someone as an aggressor, shaking your finger at a person as if you were the scolding principal?

Are you consciously aware of your own body language?  Have you considered how you might come across to those you love? Do strangers observe you from afar and sense disturbing or questionable body language?  It is not something everyone is aware of, and takes some practice and proactivity to become aware.   If you have established bad habits, maybe it is time to make a few changes?  Take the time to do a bit of self evaluation.   Self awareness never hurt anyone.