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Why Do Doctor’s Not Know?

I felt miserable.  I was either overstressed, overwhelmed, felt pushed or Woman Sickpressure.  I felt like I was losing my mind.  Scents and smells became overwhelming.

If I was driving,  I  would think I was going crazy with my self talk.  Panic that I was behind the wheel and could just flip out and turn into someone.   Every once in a while I’d see my hands on the steering wheel and wonder why my mind saw an illusion of a 90 year old’s hands.

My ability to multi-task was literally gone.  I tried explaining it to my physicians,, it was if my adrenal glands were totally drained.  I had lost the ability to think FAST, and now, almost in slow motion, was struggling to even make decisions.  This, is what ‘they’ call ‘brain fog’.

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Contemplating A New Direction

IMG_2006We shampoo and massage your head, brush your hair, and in that relaxation, you fall into the spell of opening up to us with your thoughts, challenges, and random concerns about life. Hairdressers hear it all.

The cool news is, we have so many resources in our client base, that we truly are wisdom carriers of information. You know, that’s where we get the PH.D from… Professional Hair Dressers… lol. Luckily, our salon is in the midst of doctors, hospitals, universities, and lots of naturopaths, chiropractors, and the like. We see regulars that are computer experts, journalists, housewives..wide variety of amazing people.

One of the first questions we usually ask upon greeting is “How Are You?”. Standard question, right? In the salon, we get pretty down to business with authenticity. That means, if you feel crappy when you come in, you usually respond with the “not feeling that great today” , or “Had a rough week”.

The bottom line is, we have many clients come in that just don’t feel good. Whether it be dizzy, having heart palpitations, depressed, sluggish, overly tired, going to the doctor for this or that… it seems almost 70% of our clientele have something to say about their health on a regular basis.

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