Free Spirit Moments

Bo is  cooperative, so willing to please, and extremely loving.  Great Scottish Terrier, and an Bo at Beachamazing best friend.  He is always willing to love, and be loved.  His nature is calm and tender.  Yet, he can be that ‘stubborn’ terrier when he wants to be!  Especially when a loud motor is going by on his walk….

Such a sweet spirited boy, he doesn’t balk at having to be leashed, even though we all know, both he and his ‘rescue’ brother, Duncan, would absolutely LOVE to run free!

Leash laws here in North Carolina are enforced, especially at the beach.  Many of them won’t allow you to bring your dogs on the sand at all, but fortunately, we’ve found a few, such as Topsail Beach, and Surf City.  We were blessed with a week at Surf City in August.  Jimmy and I rented a place that allows our four legged family members.  What a pleasant time of stunning weather, beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  Even better, were the quiet moments, listening to the waves rush in and out, the warm summer breeze, and our boys sitting at our feet, watching nature’s entertainment of seagulls and sand critters. Continue reading

In Awe

Falls LakeTaking the time to just ‘breathe’ and stop the amazing overkill of ‘busy’ is very difficult.  Especially as a woman.  Everywhere I look, there is something to DO.  The floor needs sweeping, the marks on the walls need cleaning, there is laundry,  the drive to work, the work day, the computer mis-hap, the checkbook needs balancing, bills to pay….. I really believe we have a never ending list of constant busy-ness.  I have to literally force myself to STOP …just so I can breathe in the moments we have remaining with our guys (the ‘guyz’)….

The “GUYZ” are Bo and Duncan.  They are SO dependent upon us…for everything.    They need us for dinner, to let them out to potty… they need us for getting the itchy place on their back.  Our loved ‘guyz’ need their ‘parents’.

What do we get back?  Pure love.  Unconditional, major, happy dance kind of love…especially when we ask them about going for a walk, or when we enter from having been gone.  Oh, and the MORNING love is amazing. Continue reading

In His Father’s Arms

Bo in armsWe heard from the vet today that it may be as quick as three months.  Could be more than that..each day is a gift.

Trying to keep his routine as normal as possible, there still is an awareness inside that each event, each interaction, even his dinnertime is more meaningful.

A wonderful lady in the waiting room was with me when Bo’s ultrasound was done,  which subsequently led to the diagnosis of malignant bladder cancer, was a secret angel, I know it.  Total stranger, I don’t even know her name.  She asked me when I came back from having my ‘talk’ with the vet specialist, ‘was everything alright’.  My eyes teared up as I responded ‘not really’.  She immediately came to me and gave me a big hug.  Her own dog limping with three legs from recent knee surgery.

After she and her husband had their consult with the vet about her dog’s knees, she made her way back to the waiting room, just to sit next to me.  She wept with me as if it were her own four legged friend, and spoke gently about our love for our fur children.  One of the most meaningful things she said was “The good news, is HE doesn’t know he’s sick.  You have the knowledge, but he doesn’t”. Continue reading

What You Think…Might Not Be So. Redirecting Content…

IMG_0551There are occasions when we think we can tell the “Universe” or “God” what we think is supposed to happen.  We push, we shove…something doesn’t 100% feel right, but we do it anyway.  We try to swim upstream, try to maniuplate situations so we can have it “our” way, only to find out, we may…just MAY…be ‘barking’ up the wrong tree.  So to Speak…or So we think….

Thus this title.  Thus my Redirect.  Here all along I thought I’d be writing about my experiences as a long-time hairdresser and Salon owner,  about my client’s lives, and about my own very colorful life, and intertwine stories among stories to create a great self help for others…and now, as of today, I feel the joke is on me.  Instead, I feel a clearer picture…and it isn’t about helping OTHERS at all.  It is about helping myself….

You see, I have a lovely life, like everyone, been through my share of struggles, and my share of ups and downs….emotions, illnesses, etc., Haven’t we all?  I mean, really. HAVEN’T we ALL.  But, today….I sit here….having just moved from our home of 5 years, to the much more meger townhome I had purchased for myself before I met Jimmy, my husband, and realize it isn’t about the house, it isn’t about the job, it isn’t about the car….it is the life’s core message…it’s about love, Continue reading

What Makes You Feel Positively Awesome?

Makeup ApplicationWhat do you do that makes you feel good?  Look good?  Or, even feel positive?  Do you enjoy cooking, or fresh sheets on the bed?  Do you love having a clean car?  Or maybe  you feel great when you volunteer at the art museum?  Whatever you do that creates a positive feel, gives you satisfaction, or warms your heart… isn’t it great how much you love it? Those are the things you were clearly ‘made’ to do!


We are all so different.  Some of us don’t want anything to do with specific actions, behaviors, while others thrive in them.  Someone loves playing cards,  or jogging on trails….another loves to clean closets…we all have our own gifts, talents.


There are some people that pay strict attention to the way they look, as well.  Maybe they care about the colors they wear, or how their clothes fit.  Maybe it is all about their makeup done to perfection, or even flossing their teeth!  Bottom line, sometimes the reason you don’t enjoy doing something, is merely because you were never ‘taught’ how to do the action, therefore, lack of awareness is simply because it was never brought to your attention, or you were not instructed, or didn’t get the memo!! Continue reading

Be a Cow.

Highland CowI love cows.  Any cow.  Whether it be the Chic-fil-a cow, or the cows in the field near my house.  I expecially adore when I drive by-and see one wading knee deep in a pond, cooling off, seemingly enjoying every moment of their life.  One minute at a time.  Carefree.

The expression “Be a Cow” has a very specific meaning to me, however.  Long ago, one of my very close friends was invited to partake in a group get together.   They were going to be a herd of cows for halloween.  Now, mind you, my friend was a grown adult.  Going out for halloween was not quite her norm.  Going out with a group of people and doing something as bold as being a herd of cows, transporting in a pick up truck mounded with hay,  was evern more out of the norm.   Continue reading

Looking Through the Door of Self Awareness

DoorHindsight is 20/20.  Looking back, we see clearly, all the mistakes we’ve made, with consequences to follow.  What seemed like the right thing at the time, changed our life forever.  Some good, some bad.  Some lessons learned, failures to admit, challenges we’ve conquered, and prices to pay.

Interesting how some of us jump through hoops to make rapid choices based on what other’s advise, some of us ‘feel’ our way through our changes and challenges.  Some of us walk right through the door of opportunity,  if it is opened, and some peek through the open door, never daring to walk through.   Then, there are those that see the door opening, and before the crack is even evident,  they slam the door shut.

Continue reading

What Makes You Whole?

girl-looking-in-mirror-1Self esteem comes from within.  Feeling good about yourself, confidence, a simple balance of humbleness and kindness, as well as understanding and knowledge.  Empathy, patience, and sense of right and wrong.  I believe that self esteem also comes from knowing your own limits, while respecting those of others.

It takes the journey of living, mistakes, hurts, sorrows, joys and defeats to gain the balance of well roundedness, that contributes to your sense of self worth.    Continue reading

How Big is Your Bubble?

BubbleInteresting how different we are with our protection bubble.  Some of us have bubbles 6′ or 12′ wide, and then there are the oh-so trusting ones of less than a foot wide bubble….  I even have a few people in my life that have a ZERO bubble…they simply trust whole heartedly first and foremost.  But it’s not just about trust…

There was a time when I believe we all had a ‘lesser’ size bubble.  What causes the bubble radius to grow?  Hurt, pain, sadness, lessons in life.  Seems we come into this world as trusting souls.  Yet the first time we get wrongly accused of something, we learn even at a young age, that situations are not always perfect.  We can get bit by a dog, a parent’s misdirected anger, some kid in nursery school stole our favorite toy.  So young, yet so vulnerable, we learn to protect, grow distant, be cautious, grow a bubble. Continue reading

Sneezing, Twirling and Other Pet Peeves!

We all have something that trips our trigger.  Whether it be bad table manners, the person that Sneezing
pops their knuckles when nervous, the partner that is way too loud in public, or tells embarrassing jokes at the wrong time.  No matter what our ‘achilles heel’  or ‘pet peeve’ is, we have something that causes us to ‘cringe’.

One of mine, is when someone reads the newspaper or a magazine, while eating and I am sitting at the table.  I guess it brings up memories of when I was a child and my father would sit at the head of the table and read his neatly folded newspaper.  We ate in silence in order to not interrupt his concentration.  No matter what, if we were to start talking,  we soon would see the intolerance on his face, and eventually his anger.   Continue reading