Dance Your Stress Away!

Do you have one of ‘those’ songs?  The kind that lifts your spirit and makes you smile the woman-dancing-outside-green-dress1
moment you hear it?

Life is so busy dolling out stress, deadlines, obsticles, and disappiontment, what do you do to ‘let it all go’ and feel the brief freedom of no responsibility, to relieve the pressure, to center yourself back to your calm?

Seems people whisk in and out of stores, banks, their jobs, daycare, even their homes, in a rush to fit in all the requirements of the day.  Whether it be children needing a meal, a business phone call during your lunch break, or multitasking during your commute, we are all under pressure.  With communication being at everyone’s fingertips, the demands of immediate response has become intense.  Email ‘dinging’ on our smartphones, numerous texts, ‘Breaking News” and appointment reminders, it is all we can do to have a mere conversation while sitting and having coffee without being interupted by our phone appendage.  

Let’s face it.  Demands are high for our time and attention, and there really is no ‘me’ time anymore.  Unless, of course, you are asleep.

This is exactly the type of pressure that causes arguments, miscommunication, short responses, anger, even illness.  Stress has become our new ‘normal’.

It appears people tend to relieve their stress in one of two ways.  They either enjoy the crowd of friends and family with social interaction, or they require the opposite, isolating in silence with a good book or just being in nature.

Music- the right kind of music, tends to have a calming effect as well.  Especially ‘that’ favorite song.    The one that brings a smile to your face, reminds you of something light hearted and fun.  Maybe the song reminds you of days when you were ‘free’ to dance.  The rhythm is just right, or the melody is just plain awesome.

Having one of those songs is amazing.  You simply get in your car, or put in your earphones, maybe turn on your sound system at home, close your eyes in anticipation…and wait….until that song comes on…..and the moment it does… smile…. and your spirit is lifted.

Go ahead.  Get up and dance.  No one is watching.  Who cares?  It is about that moment.  The one that reminds you that life is NOT all about demands and deadlines.  It is NOT about the bill paying and the house needing to be cleaned.  It is about joy.  Happiness.  Freedom.  Take the moment to de-stress….and dance!