Free Spirit Moments

Bo is  cooperative, so willing to please, and extremely loving.  Great Scottish Terrier, and an Bo at Beachamazing best friend.  He is always willing to love, and be loved.  His nature is calm and tender.  Yet, he can be that ‘stubborn’ terrier when he wants to be!  Especially when a loud motor is going by on his walk….

Such a sweet spirited boy, he doesn’t balk at having to be leashed, even though we all know, both he and his ‘rescue’ brother, Duncan, would absolutely LOVE to run free!

Leash laws here in North Carolina are enforced, especially at the beach.  Many of them won’t allow you to bring your dogs on the sand at all, but fortunately, we’ve found a few, such as Topsail Beach, and Surf City.  We were blessed with a week at Surf City in August.  Jimmy and I rented a place that allows our four legged family members.  What a pleasant time of stunning weather, beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  Even better, were the quiet moments, listening to the waves rush in and out, the warm summer breeze, and our boys sitting at our feet, watching nature’s entertainment of seagulls and sand critters.

As law abiding citizens should, we kept both boys fully leashed, even though there were a few times we saw unleashed dogs, running with freedom, catching frisbees, etc., We caught both Bo and Duncan observing their canine friends playing in a manner Scottish Terriers simply don’t understand…don’t know I’ve ever seen a Scottie catch a frisbee!  Yet, Bo is quite the ball player…

One evening,  no one was around.  The temptation was too great and we caved.  No matter what, I knew I was going to give in to Bo running free once anyway, before we left.  After all, in the back of my mind, I wonder how much time he has left…will there be more beach trips?   I would not want to restrict his experiences if at all possible….he loves…absolutely LOVES to run free.