How Big is Your Bubble?

BubbleInteresting how different we are with our protection bubble.  Some of us have bubbles 6′ or 12′ wide, and then there are the oh-so trusting ones of less than a foot wide bubble….  I even have a few people in my life that have a ZERO bubble…they simply trust whole heartedly first and foremost.  But it’s not just about trust…

There was a time when I believe we all had a ‘lesser’ size bubble.  What causes the bubble radius to grow?  Hurt, pain, sadness, lessons in life.  Seems we come into this world as trusting souls.  Yet the first time we get wrongly accused of something, we learn even at a young age, that situations are not always perfect.  We can get bit by a dog, a parent’s misdirected anger, some kid in nursery school stole our favorite toy.  So young, yet so vulnerable, we learn to protect, grow distant, be cautious, grow a bubble.

Another way to grow a bubble is having the personality that needs to be alone, or rejuvenates stress of the day by requiring space, quiet, peace.   We draw from within  rather than being revitalized surrounded by people and stimulation.  The person that needs to withdraw to regroup is ususally one that has a bigger bubble, as a self protection, not from harm, or hurt, but in order to obtain those quiet moments to gather strength to survive the day.  Overload to a person that rejuvenates by being alone may require drastic measures of creating a larger bubble as a means to survive.  Needing this type of space could be misinterpreted by a non-bubble person as rejection, when it is not that at is merely necessity and self preservation.

Some of us have a physical bubble as well an invisible bubble.  There are those that love physical touch, and when they have a hard day, stressed and underappreciated, they yearn for a hug, or to be close to people.  Then there is the person that needs to isolate, doesn’t want to be touched to re-group from the day, and they are simply not as capible of dolling out physical touch as they re-charge their stress-o-meter, so to speak.

Whatever type you are, or any of the variations in between, it is a smart person to understand their own bubble size, and even smarter of the one that understand’s other people’s bubble sizes.  Respecting our own bubble, and communicating what that may be to those around us that we love, is a great way to not have someone misinterpret our intentions or feelings.  Equally so, respecting the bubbles around us and not trying to strip the bubble size down, or burst through that bubble is respectful.  There is no real ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ bubble size.  It just merely is the beauty of how different we all are.  Enjoying the beauty of necessity…or lack of necessity of our bubble…is what makes us all so human.