I am an Evolver…

woman_spring_cleaning1I am an Evolver.  That may sound fancy, may even sound really impressive. I personally  don’t mind the title, merely because it allows me to feel creative….because that is how I feel about the word “Evolver”.


My personal definition of an evolver is that I can begin a task then maneuver on to another.  For instance, I may be on my pathway to the front door to find the leashes for my dogs to let them out, and as I am headed toward the leashes, I see a few dishes that may need to be loaded into the dishwasher, then, with my dogs half heartedly excited (because they know I am an evolver) I may then find that I need to quick multi-task on my continued journey, and make a diversion to the laundry room because I spotted dust on the dining room table, therefore needs a quick swipe with my swiffer.  By this time, my poor babies, Duncan and Bo, are sitting down…waiting patiently, as they see I also needed to grab the extra of the two pair of shoes I left on the floor near the laundry room, and place one pair on my feet, then place the other pair on the stairway to go up next time I make a trip up…then, finally, I reach for the leashes.  I find this very efficient, because not only have I now put away the dishes, dusted the dining room table, and placed my cluttered shoes on the stairs to go up, I am now succeeding in the original task, which was to let the boys out.

What can be so annoying about this evolving habit, is that I cannot stop myself from seeing all the things that need to be efficiently done!  Bottom line, is I could evolve my whole day, to the point that the original task that I wanted to accomplish just simply gets bumped to last place, because all of my multi task evolving eroded into a heap of accomplishments, except the initial one I really wanted to do.


I wish I was one of those people that could compartmentalize and force myself to stay on task, and not see anything else that needs done…like my husband…for instance.  He decides he’s going to relax, and I cannot believe, even tho there are dishes in the sink, the floor needs sweeping, laundry needs folding, and even the dogs need let out, he literally can stop himself from doing anything….and either simply doesn’t see all of the needs in the home, or he can strategically put blinders on in order to not see these things.  It literally drives me crazy.  HOW CAN he possibly RELAX when so much needs done?


So, there you have it, my bad habit.  The one I am more than aware of, the one that stops me from reaching my dream of being a published author sitting on the stage with Oprah Winfrey and talking about my published book that I’ve always wanted to write.


I ponder, is is self sabotage?  Do I really think all of these other things are so important?  One thing for sure, I now truly understand why some people think of authors and artists as the crazy mad scientist-looking people with unkempt hair and messy chaotic houses, with stacks and piles of research etc. on their very disorganized desk.  That’s maybe how they got to BE the artist that arrived…Hopefully….somehow…I too will be that person…that has arrived…and I’ll hear it from something more than from the GPS navigation in my car!