In Awe

Falls LakeTaking the time to just ‘breathe’ and stop the amazing overkill of ‘busy’ is very difficult.  Especially as a woman.  Everywhere I look, there is something to DO.  The floor needs sweeping, the marks on the walls need cleaning, there is laundry,  the drive to work, the work day, the computer mis-hap, the checkbook needs balancing, bills to pay….. I really believe we have a never ending list of constant busy-ness.  I have to literally force myself to STOP …just so I can breathe in the moments we have remaining with our guys (the ‘guyz’)….

The “GUYZ” are Bo and Duncan.  They are SO dependent upon us…for everything.    They need us for dinner, to let them out to potty… they need us for getting the itchy place on their back.  Our loved ‘guyz’ need their ‘parents’.

What do we get back?  Pure love.  Unconditional, major, happy dance kind of love…especially when we ask them about going for a walk, or when we enter from having been gone.  Oh, and the MORNING love is amazing.

They sleep in their cute little cozy ‘condo’s.  When we get up and unzip their doors, they know the drill.  Immediate love of two furry Scotties, with all that warm fur, rubbing all against our bellies and legs.  We get on the floor with them, and just love and love on them, as they do in return.

What stands out today, however, is the Awe and grandeur that we so often take for granted.  We are so fortunate to have lovely places to go adventure, such as Falls Lake, or the amazing Neuse River Trail.  Now-a-days, we are so busy on our cell phones, talking to others, or viewing our texts as they come in, we totally MISS the outstanding beauty that is remaining in this world…things that Bo…and even one day Duncan…will eventually no longer have the pleasure of smelling, or feeling.   The breeze on their face, the warm air, the brisk cool wind, muddy paws, splashing through a remaining puddle of rain.  All the simple, beautiful, awe-some things we as children had discovered, before there were video games, and before on-demand television.  We just simply had the awe of a blade of grass, or watching a ladybug climb from one branch to another.  We would ponder the flower from a clover, and try to find the one perfect pebble.  My, have times changed.

Walking the boyz through the paths of Falls Lake the other day, we had the most fun, watching them as they discovered a new view of the lake.  One where they could watch the boats go by as if they were distant flies with their motors buzzing, hearing voices of excited children in the back ground as they excitedly talk above the motor noise across the lake.

Typical Duncan wanted to go right in the water.  Bo gingerly (as he so often does) needed to decide if he wanted wet paws or not.  They both eventually decided it was worth being knee high in the water, just to feel it’s warmth.  The beauty of nature. These two guys had eyes of wonderment as they  watched across the light ripples of the lake.  The skirts of their fur gracefully moved back and forth as the small tide washed inward…then outward….the pleasant, simple, silent moment of life.

Wet from the bottom half, they both looked like skinny legged foxes.  Funny to see, and certainly not worthy of the true dignified Scottie nobility, they both were satisfied, as we walked back up the trail.

What did Bo…and Duncan teach me today?  To listen to the small waves.  To hear the small voices…of true life…that surround us daily.  To breathe in the comforting warm sun, and the distant sounds of excited children, with their whole lives ahead of them.  To realize that the warm water of the summer too will pass…as life does.  And to enjoy the moments…one day at a time.