Looking Through the Door of Self Awareness

DoorHindsight is 20/20.  Looking back, we see clearly, all the mistakes we’ve made, with consequences to follow.  What seemed like the right thing at the time, changed our life forever.  Some good, some bad.  Some lessons learned, failures to admit, challenges we’ve conquered, and prices to pay.

Interesting how some of us jump through hoops to make rapid choices based on what other’s advise, some of us ‘feel’ our way through our changes and challenges.  Some of us walk right through the door of opportunity,  if it is opened, and some peek through the open door, never daring to walk through.   Then, there are those that see the door opening, and before the crack is even evident,  they slam the door shut.

As we are young, we have so much life ahead of us, everything is exciting.   Trying new things, wanting to gain experience, testing the waters to see who we ‘are’ and who we ‘are not’.  Everything is an adventure, and our desire is to live life to the fullest.  What we are not aware of, is this life is going quicker than we think.  Before we know it, we find ourselves burying a loved one, dealing with our own health scare, financially strapped, over stressed, and locked in situations we wish we had never gotten into.

It may seem from the outside, that others’ lives are more luxurious, the grass is greener on the other side, they are happier, etc., but I am not so sure that is the case.  There are people that have tons of money, but within their four walls, life is miserable, and there may be a drinking problem.  Or, the marriage is full of deceit and hidden anger.  There are those that have close to no ability to pay their bills, but the ties within the family are strong and loving.  There are those that have issues with gambling or other addiction. What you don’t know is that a co-worker might have a spouse that is a hoarder.  The person that seems to boast all the time is really is hiding insurmountable insecurity.

Everyone has imperfections in their lives.  If there is a claim of having a perfect life, then  clearly someone is in denial.  Awareness of our own choices and imperfections, striving to improve our own lives, walking each day one day at a time, with a goal of our future in mind, is the best way to handle life.  Offering kindness, gentleness and understanding to those that are close to us.  Offering patience and consideration of all the differences between us, and working toward cooperation.  Taking a look at your own spending habits, your own inappropriate comments toward others with criticism and fault-finding.  In the midst of everyday life, it is hard to remember we ought to be keeping a watchful eye on our own lives, and continuously asking where we could improve on a daily basis.

If you think about it, just keeping our own life in ‘check’ occupies ALL our time!  How can we possibly afford our precious self-awareness and self-improvement time and energy if we are continually focusing on others?  Comparing is a total waste of time.  If we were to all take a look over our own shoulder, and see our own room for improvement, we’d have plenty to work on.

Yes we have regrets, we may have ‘wish I would’a, and wish I could’a’ thoughts.  We may wish we had made different choices, had more awareness, wish things would have been ‘different’…but they are not.  Not this second….  For now, all you can do is start to improve.  One step at a time, stop the anger, stop the competition, stop the negative talk, and stop the over spending.  For now, you can make better eating choices, resist the addiction, be kinder and more compassionate.  Be aware of your impatience, your distasteful conversations, and your superior attitude.  Take a survey of your own life, and make the vision of your future a clear one, with wise choices of changed and improved thoughts, behaviors and actions.  The only person in charge of you is YOU!