Love Starts Within

FullSizeRenderI have observed a lot of judgmentalism lately.

Facebook is one of the many public tools I see used to impose personal opinion on others.  It’s sad, since the term on Facebook… people that you see… are considered ‘friends’.  Those very ‘friends’ can sometimes be extremely judgmental with their own standpoint and opinion.

Yes, we have a right and ability to think anything we want.  Within the confines of our own mind and body, we have the right to be who we want, believe who and what we want, think what we want, decide what we want.  The freedom is limitless.  Yet, when we begin imposing those thoughts and feelings, even those ‘things’ or concepts on others… pointing fingers, accusing, belittling, and demeaning, we have now crossed a line from personal internal beliefs and thoughts, onto others.

Last I looked, no one person is superior over another’s belief.

We all seem to want unity in our country, and world, and yet, we keep making more and more divisions.  We finger point.  We roll our eyes at other’s belief systems.  We fight the hard fight, for the rights of ourselves and/or others.  Yet, why are we picking and choosing such shallow and such superficial subjects to fight over?  Why don’t we get right down to the basics and begin with step ONE.  Why are we so busy skipping all the connecting dots beginning on the ground floor of ‘peace’ and ‘unity’ …immediately leaping to the mountaintops deeming ourselves superior- yelling at those that can hear us, screaming “MY BELIEFS ARE RIGHT AND YOU ALL ARE FOOLS FOR NOT BELIEVING AS I BELIEVE!”

What about step one…. Know yourself. Your TRUE self.

Knowing yourself takes time.  YEARS.  Contemplation, analyzation, research, asking yourself the hard questions, understanding what makes your HEART AND SOUL tick, not just your righteous stance for something that you don’t even understand because a) either you have not walked in their footsteps or b) you have such little awareness of self that you find you MUST have a cause to make yourself feel purposeful.

We as people, in my humble and self analyzed perception, are NOT our flesh, our financial status, we are NOT our job title, our education, we are NOT ‘better than’ or ‘lesser than’ we are not even more intelligent. We are ALL DIFFERENT phases, ideas, creative concepts, evolvers, students of life.  Vapors, survivors,  learners, strugglers, all on a journey.

Where then, is our COMPASSION?

Those that claim they are compassionate can sometimes have the least of compassion.  Those that are intolerant are oftentimes so harsh and inconsiderate of those that are compassionate that they frankly are rude and belittling.

FullSizeRenderKnowing yourself is not as simple as you may believe.  Knowing yourself should be an even mix of spiritual beliefs, intellect,  physical self and emotional wellness.  Without this even mix,  there is an imbalance.

Balance is what creates the term ’rounded’ person.  Balance and harmony within is what helps to see the world in a much more compassionate manner, the ‘world view’ we strive for.  Seeing others with the eyes of a soft gentle soul. It is what allows you to function as a thinking, walking, talking person that has something to say, yet, not to impose.  This balance is also what gives this unified feel that is not looking at the superficial and shallow instances of income, or color of skin.  It’s the oneness that we all seem to be striving for…inside… inside the core of our souls.

How do we begin with step ONE?  First, I would suggest you find a way to stop your imbalance.  If you look at the four quadrants of balance requirements above, you’ll see if you are imbalanced in one area, which is then overshadowing some other important players for you to find your own inner peace.

Are you always striving for your physical appearance to the point you ignore your emotional, mental or spiritual state?  Are you possibly 70% so obsessed or consumed with your physique, your face and body, your hair, the never obtainable perfection to the point  that you are causing the other three components to fall to the wayside?

If so, hat probably means you have to get back to your balance, and increase the three you have been ignoring.  What about your emotional state?  Are you obsessed with the ‘unfairness’ of your job, your boss is constantly condescending, are you totally codependent upon your mate and therefore it is killing your relationship?  Are you one that flies off the handle with anger, short fuse, intolerant of others?  Maybe your excessive emotional consumption is causing you to not work out, or possibly causing you to sit around all day obsessing to the point of emotional eating and you are angry at yourself as well as totally ignoring your physical, intellectual side and you have no spirituality going on whatsoever. You have again, lost yourself.  You get the idea.

Woking on the YOU that is inside your exterior.  The YOU that makes you WHO YOU ARE.  The YOU that is not your brain.  It is not your physical appearance.  YOU are not your anger or depression.  YOU, when balanced, would be a lovely harmony of self acceptance, peace, joy, internal quiet where you would feel WHOLE.

Once you start to shift your imbalance to a more whole balanced self, I believe, in my own humble perception, that you’ll feel LOVE inside for yourself, and those around you.  This LOVE will then help you to be the compassionate person that wants to stop the madness of the division, the judgmentalism, the discord.  It’s time to start with self peace… which will spread with grace to those around you.

I hate to be so corny, but hey, I always liked Michael Jackson. He had an amazing artistry, and such deep messages with so many of his heartfelt songs.  Check out these words and reflect:

“I’m starting with the man in the mirror
I’m asking him to change his ways
And no message could have been any clearer
If you wanna make the world a better place
(If you wanna make the world a better place)
Take a look at yourself, and then make a change”

-Michael Jackson- Man in the Mirror