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Meet Karen Stevenson- Relationship Coach.  Certified in both Life and Integrative Wellness, her passion for helping women in relationships birthed the Honest Intimacy program.  Helping women identify what their most desired relationship looks like, Karen has designed a variety of proven step-by-step programs that move women into the relationship they really want.  A dynamic public speaker with over 30 years of coaching women into a healthier way of thinking, being, communicating and mindset. Karen’s expertise is helping women transform from an unsatisfying relationship into ultimate happiness.  

Karen specializes in helping women get clear on:

  • • Exactly what your ultimate relationship looks like.  
  • • Understanding what is most desired in your perfect partner. 
  • • Deciphering the difference between ‘giving’ and co-dependency.
  • • Establishing healthy boundaries.
  • • How to recapture and nurture your inner self.
  • • Clarity on the differences between control and boundaries.
  • • How to regain respect for your partner.
  • • Getting honest in the relationship and establish better communication.

Her personal mission is to help women get honest with themselves, which subsequently gets them the Honest Intimacy they desire in a relationship.

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