Personal Bubble – Time and Space

rainbow bubbleRejuvenating from a hectic or stressful day is imperative.  However, I find the definition of rejuvenating is different for many of us.  For me personally, I require literal down time.  Whether it be sitting in silence,  maybe taking a walk in nature and calming my mind and body, or isolating myself just until I can come back out of my ‘shell’ and re-join what else life throws at me.

There are those that prefer to ‘down time’ themselves by going outside and doing yard work, or physical labor,  others rejuvenate in an opposite manner, and relax being in a crowd and socializing.

It has taken me years to discover my own personal needs when it comes to down time, especially since I can come across as a high energy, social person…when I am ‘on’.


Personal space to me is a sanctuary, whether it be my alone time, or allowing my three foot bubble.   I don’t need it always, and certainly don’t mean to push anyone away.  I merely need time to reflect, where I am not feeling imposed upon.   When stressed, nothing drives me crazier than someone looking over my shoulder.  I have come to realize my needs for personal space, personal time, and those around me know to not take it personally.  I just rejuvenate alone.

There are other things that define my personal space or bubble.  I have certain objects that I literally do not want others to invade, unless they have obtained permission from me.  Such as my pocketbook, my bedside table, or my computer and email.  I have absolutely nothing to hide, and it has nothing to do with secrets.  It is just comforting to know that I have my own space, and it is respected, and treated as such.  I would feel horrified if I were to go into a room and someone was snooping through my computer or my purse.  Let’s be honest.  We all need to feel like we are respected, and boundaries are important.  Which brings be back to an earlier statement, that we have to discover our personal space, what it takes to feel rejuvenated, and how to achieve these things in order to feel a level of comfort, and possibly stop us from saying or doing something that we would regret.

First step in understanding personal space is to really recognize what our needs are as people, to de-stress or to get back into a better frame of mind.  Maybe it is praying, maybe it is taking a walk.  Whatever it is, the recognition is key.  Then, identify where your boundaries are in your personal space.  It could be that you don’t mind someone in your pocketbook but you don’t like people reading your spiral bound journal.  Whatever your boundaries are, take the time to explain them to others, so they know to not invade your space.

Today is a down time day for me.  I choose to do it alone.  It will be revitalizing, rejuvenating, and I will be a better person for it tomorrow.  What does it for you?