Positive Changes Create Positive Results

calendarNew Year, new mentality.  Time to create a paradigm shift, and completely confuse everyone around you!  Why not?  It’s kind of fun to ‘mix up the madness’ and make those around us wonder if we’ve lost our mind.

I’ve often likened making a ‘change’ in behavior as easy as flipping a light switch from off to on, or vise versa.  In other words, it’s truly as invisible as a thought.

Are you a person that rarely interacts in a crowd?  It’s as easy as a mindset.  Do you spend too much money and rack up your credit card?  Poof, as easy as a mindset.  Are you addicted to sweets and know you need to lose weight?  Isn’t it REALLY….in all reality….as easy as changing your mind?

Of course, it takes an awareness, or the ability to be humble enough to listen to those around us to become keenly aware of the behavior that we should and could change.  It takes trusting those around us, allowing them permission to ‘call you on the carpet’ with a behavior or two- that really is annoying.  Are you humble enough to have someone bring to your consciousness something that would truly make you a better person?

If we LISTEN, and intentionally become aware, the signs are all around us.  Do you chase people away and close them down from talking to you?  Maybe you are critical or possibly you could work on becoming an empathetic listener?  Are you embarrassed that you never have money?  Maybe you could create a budget, journal your expenses and see where your money goes?  Are there places where you could slim down or alter your spending habit? Do you often feel low self esteem?  Could it be you need to analyze your self talk and see if you cut yourself down more than anyone around you?.  Do you feel rejected?  Reach out to people more, or maybe you could consider what your conversations center around.  Be sure you are more giving in conversation than talking about yourself.  No one really appreciates the person that only talks about themselves.

Many of these things truly are invisible. They offer tremendous positive results if you take heed, follow through, and take action.  Therein lies the key word and action.    Do you know you are not taking care of yourself?  How about a new haircut?  What about coloring your hair?  Joining a gym?  Start the habit of flossing your teeth!  Making a positive change toward positive growth is free, easy, and cheap.  The positive growth will make you feel so much better about yourself, other’s around you will notice, and this cycle will hopefully prompt you to take another positive step once you’ve mastered step number one, whatever you decide that to be, move on to positive step number two!

Last year, I knew one positive step would be to get outside and do some cardio.  I hate it.  I hate exercise.  I despise getting into the exercise clothes, hate sweating, can’t stand having to shower and get ready afterward. Yet, I decided.  Cardio had a positive end result.  A healthier me.   I started out with fast walking.  Then another ‘free’ step, I chose to create a few bursts of running.  Out of breath and barely able to run a quarter of a mile, I forced myself.  Challenged myself.  I pushed forward each week to gain speed, mileage, with an invisible goal in my mind, I continued.  These days, a year and a half later, I now feel terrible if I don’t get out there at least three times a week.  Sometimes four!  I have run races, enjoyed the new ability, and I truly feel I have done something positive!

How about changing something for the good this year?  No time like the present!  Go out and DO it!