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I am an Evolver…

woman_spring_cleaning1I am an Evolver.  That may sound fancy, may even sound really impressive. I personally  don’t mind the title, merely because it allows me to feel creative….because that is how I feel about the word “Evolver”.


My personal definition of an evolver is that I can begin a task then maneuver on to another.  For instance, I may be on my pathway to the front door to find the leashes for my dogs to let them out, and as I am headed toward the leashes, I see a few dishes that may need to be loaded into the dishwasher, then, with my dogs half heartedly excited (because they know I am an evolver) I may then find that I need to quick multi-task on my continued journey, and make a diversion to the laundry room because I spotted dust on the dining room table, therefore needs a quick swipe with my swiffer.  By this time, my poor babies, Duncan and Bo, are sitting down…waiting patiently, as they see I also needed to grab the extra of the two pair of shoes I left on the floor near the laundry room, and place one pair on my feet, then place the other pair on the stairway to go up next time I make a trip up…then, finally, I reach for the leashes.  I find this very efficient, because not only have I now put away the dishes, dusted the dining room table, and placed my cluttered shoes on the stairs to go up, I am now succeeding in the original task, which was to let the boys out.

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