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Why Do Doctor’s Not Know?

I felt miserable.  I was either overstressed, overwhelmed, felt pushed or Woman Sickpressure.  I felt like I was losing my mind.  Scents and smells became overwhelming.

If I was driving,  I  would think I was going crazy with my self talk.  Panic that I was behind the wheel and could just flip out and turn into someone.   Every once in a while I’d see my hands on the steering wheel and wonder why my mind saw an illusion of a 90 year old’s hands.

My ability to multi-task was literally gone.  I tried explaining it to my physicians,, it was if my adrenal glands were totally drained.  I had lost the ability to think FAST, and now, almost in slow motion, was struggling to even make decisions.  This, is what ‘they’ call ‘brain fog’.

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Love Starts Within

FullSizeRenderI have observed a lot of judgmentalism lately.

Facebook is one of the many public tools I see used to impose personal opinion on others.  It’s sad, since the term on Facebook… people that you see… are considered ‘friends’.  Those very ‘friends’ can sometimes be extremely judgmental with their own standpoint and opinion.

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Looking Through the Door of Self Awareness

DoorHindsight is 20/20.  Looking back, we see clearly, all the mistakes we’ve made, with consequences to follow.  What seemed like the right thing at the time, changed our life forever.  Some good, some bad.  Some lessons learned, failures to admit, challenges we’ve conquered, and prices to pay.

Interesting how some of us jump through hoops to make rapid choices based on what other’s advise, some of us ‘feel’ our way through our changes and challenges.  Some of us walk right through the door of opportunity,  if it is opened, and some peek through the open door, never daring to walk through.   Then, there are those that see the door opening, and before the crack is even evident,  they slam the door shut.

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Know Where Your Money Is

moneyflyingWhen women speak of their family finances, I inevitably ask the question, “Who takes care of the finances in your household?”   I’m hoping they are familiar with the bills, how  much is owed, how they are paid, and are abreast of the entirety.  I am not looking for their dollar amount, I am merely hoping to heighten their awareness.   Nothing is worse than floating in the sea of financial oblivion. Continue reading