What Makes You Feel Positively Awesome?

Makeup ApplicationWhat do you do that makes you feel good?  Look good?  Or, even feel positive?  Do you enjoy cooking, or fresh sheets on the bed?  Do you love having a clean car?  Or maybe  you feel great when you volunteer at the art museum?  Whatever you do that creates a positive feel, gives you satisfaction, or warms your heart… isn’t it great how much you love it? Those are the things you were clearly ‘made’ to do!


We are all so different.  Some of us don’t want anything to do with specific actions, behaviors, while others thrive in them.  Someone loves playing cards,  or jogging on trails….another loves to clean closets…we all have our own gifts, talents.


There are some people that pay strict attention to the way they look, as well.  Maybe they care about the colors they wear, or how their clothes fit.  Maybe it is all about their makeup done to perfection, or even flossing their teeth!  Bottom line, sometimes the reason you don’t enjoy doing something, is merely because you were never ‘taught’ how to do the action, therefore, lack of awareness is simply because it was never brought to your attention, or you were not instructed, or didn’t get the memo!!


I will never forget when I was in my early 20’s, and had never really worn makeup.  It wasn’t that I chose to “NOT” wear it.  It was because I simply was so busy living life, that  the thought of makeup didn’t cross my mind…much less, the information necessary in order to actually know what colors to wear, how to apply it, where to put certain things like blush, or eyeliner, etc.  One day, a ‘friend’ dropped the bomb on me, with the heaviest ‘hint’ that I had ever heard.  She simply said, ‘you know, you really should try wearing makeup!  It is amazing how much better people look when they wear it correctly”.   I heard her ‘hint’, and began the journey of understanding not only the how, but the where, the when, and learned application tips enough to do a great job, not only on myself, but also on others!


Same goes with awareness of hair color, the right cuts for facial shape, and what works best for various textures, etc.  Some people really would feel so much better, if they were to stop fighting their hair, and get a cut and color that would compliment their lifestyle and facial shape.  Awareness goes a long way, when it comes to understanding how to look best.  Start with your hair.  Make up.  Learn what color clothes you look best in.  You will find that eventually, you will feel good when you look in the mirror, and see the new you looking back!