What Makes You Whole?

girl-looking-in-mirror-1Self esteem comes from within.  Feeling good about yourself, confidence, a simple balance of humbleness and kindness, as well as understanding and knowledge.  Empathy, patience, and sense of right and wrong.  I believe that self esteem also comes from knowing your own limits, while respecting those of others.

It takes the journey of living, mistakes, hurts, sorrows, joys and defeats to gain the balance of well roundedness, that contributes to your sense of self worth.   

Many people believe that self esteem, or confidence, comes from what they have, materialism, who they know, the clothes they wear, or maybe the position they hold in their job or among their peers.  Life isn’t quite that shallow.  You may have a nice car, or know very important people….you may hold a prestigious position, but that doesn’t make you a whole person.

If left in a room, all by yourself, no one recognizes you, no one to brag to, no one to praise you for who you are or what you’ve accomplished, are you still happy, content, and satisfied?

Life is too short to believe that only a portion of wholeness should be acceptable.  Wholeness comes from your belief system, caring for others, desire to do good and do good for others.  It comes from kindness, compassion and sharing.

Sure it takes looking good, knowing how to present yourself, feeling good physically, and being of good health.  All of these things contribute to self esteem.  Wearing clothes that fit right,  great complimentary colors, having manners and knowing how to handle yourself in a fine restaurant. Blending in with people, and knowing how to meet people ‘where they are at’.   These things too, are a part of the pie that create wholeness.  I am thankful we are in a business that helps people look good, feel good about themselves, giving them a sense of feeling great on the outside.

Then there is the ultimate ingredient of self worth and self esteem.  Love.  Love for those around you, for those that are in your life, family, the pets we are fortunate enough to have, the acts of kindness offered.  The art of opening the heart of those around us and giving them a soft place to fall.

In a world of such harshness, selfishness, negativity and aggression, there is rarely time to give to those around us.  It is a challenge to have a giving spirit when you are trying so hard to survive.  All these things can create a feeling of fragmented life.  They chip away at your ability to have wholeness.

Why not go the extra mile, and see if you can’t exhibit the qualities that bring people close, builds you up internally, and makes us all much more whole!  Life is all about the journey and what we do with it!